Sunday, August 8, 2010

About Love

So yesterday at church, someone made a comment about how relationships can bring us closer to Christ, and because of that, Satan tries his hardest to rip those relationships apart. The people we are around the most can benefit the most from our gifts and talents we have to share. The Lord knows our abilities, and our potential for good or bad. He see us as we are and knows what that potential is. I believe that people do come into our lives for a reason. Unfortunately, sometimes it's hard to keep those relationships strong. It is especially hard if Satan knows that a certain relationship could be an important influence on a person in the future. Especially if that influence is one for good. I know that aside from our relationship with our Heavenly Father, and our Savior, the relationships with our family are the most important relationships we have. That's why Satan is attacking the family on all possible fronts. I think he may also try to attack future families as well, by creating confusion, by creating an atmosphere where it is hard to allow yourself to love. I have met many people from many different backgrounds in my life, and I believe they have all left an indelible mark upon my life, and mostly for good. My family and friends are those people who have made me better. Unfortunately, I am also guilty of closing off my heart to protect it, as well as at times opening it up only to have it broken. There is a balance that is hard to find at times, but sometimes, although it hurts, I think it's always going to be better to leave your heart open. Maybe it's naivee, I don't know, but at least that way you'll have no reason to feel regret. At least you made an effort to obey that great commandment. If we could only obey that great commandment, so many problems in this world would not exist. We could make life so much easier for everyone if everyone just loved a little more. Every one of us was born with a heart, and because it's a muscle it needs to be exercised, in more ways than one. Could it be reasonable to say that if we were to become more loving it would also prove to make us stronger, healthier and happier? Anyway, these were some of my thoughts today, and it reminded me of a poem I wrote awhile ago... it's in regards to friends that have come and gone, I consider them wonderful people. For the rhyming scheme of the poem towards the end it becomes gender specific, because I origionally wrote it for a guy friend, but the more I think about it, this poem is for those people who have made an incredible impact in my life, not just the guys:)

It’s hard to say why people come in and out of your life.
It’s even harder to explain when it’s time to say goodbye.
From the things I’ve learned and experienced thus far,
I’ve decided no matter what happens to keep doors ajar.

It’s difficult when I don’t understand your reasons,
It’s even harder to be patient through the seasons.
But this is the best way to understand the things above.
This is about love.

I would wait a thousand years to see your eyes meet mine.
I would ponder through the depths of time.
If through the years this meeting were never to occur,
Time would not diminish my love and I would not murmur.

Unknowingly no doubt, you have made a difference to me.
The seeds of grace that you’ve sown will soon become a tree.
I felt ultimate happiness and joy when you were around.
The lessons learned from you abound.

I can never take back the thoughts I had of you.
They seemed to illuminate when the darkness grew.
For those, I do not apologize nor make an excuse.
Nor do I intend to become bitter, angry or a recluse.

Instead, I plan on taking the pieces you’ve given
And move forward to find the secrets that have been hidden.
I think I’ve found some that will last me through the years.
Though they haven’t come through a shortage of tears.

I am better because I have known you.
My heart rejoices in that fact and refuses to be blue.
You have made me want to better.
I think you could consider me one of your greatest debtors.

Your words would make me want to fly.
I wanted to reach the highest heights by and by.
To be your friend was my greatest pleasure.
To be in your presence brought joy unmeasured.

This is why for you, my door will never be closed.
I could never forget you even if it was something I chose.
I know you may not feel this way towards me
I know it would be vain to hear my plea.

So just know that I think you are a wonderful man.
Learning to love anyway is one hard part of the plan.
If this is about love, I think I understand.
No wonder this was His greatest command.

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