Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More to come...

So some people may know that I want to write a book one day. Unfortunately my writing style is not very intriguing right now, as I only started to really think about writing my senior year of college.I wish I could write like J.K. Rowling, James Patterson, Dan Brown and Rick Riordan, but I am very far from those lofty goals. That being said, I want to be better. Right now my writing is about as dull as an old Bic razor but some day I want it to be as sharp as one of Rachel Ray's cooking knives. So I think I'm going to publish some things I wrote a long time ago... You'll be able to see my weaknesses, but hopefully this will be an exercise in making something very weak into something great and strong. So I am going to start by having a few posts of poems/lyrics I wrote about a year ago on days I was feeling particularly creative. The first is called:

I Heard the Lord and I Obeyed:
(written April 15, 2009)

I heard the voice of the Lord and I obeyed.
From that time until now nothing would bear sway.
It was as if I was the only one around
Who could hear His words and hearken to the sound.
But more than sound was the call to action in my breast.
A feeling most urgent which was not to be suppressed.
If the Lord felt it was important for me, who was I to oppose?
My heart was changed and I have become as I never supposed.
He knew my name for He had blessings to impart.
He knew my will would bend so he could change my heart.
The path towards that change was only walked by obedience.
And though I stumbled, I continued, regardless of inconvenience.

I heard the voice of the Lord and I obeyed.
In the hands of the Master I was made.
For only He can understand who I was and who I am.
With all His knowledge, He is not only the Savior, but the Great I Am.
Only He knows what I can become.
Only He knows how that is to be done.
If I can be obedient to His voice the rest of my days
I know through His mercy and love, He will show me His ways.
With worries forgotten, sins forgiven and trials endured,
As I listen and obey, sanctification through Him will be my cure.
Then at last I will proclaim at that final day,
I heard the voice of the Lord and I obeyed.

Obviously I am not at that point yet where I can say I have been obedient to every command, but this is a poem of a great hope of mine that I will one day be able to say such a wonderful statement. Even more grateful would I be if the Lord in His goodness would be merciful to someone so inconsistent such as I am right now to forgive and mold me into something better. I know it can only be through the atonment that anything could happen. As obedient as I want to be, I definately fall short, but this was written in a moment hoping for that one day. There are certain moments in everyone's life when, if they are listening, they can hear the voice of the Lord. I believe that with all my heart. I believe it because there have been moments in my own life when I could not deny that I had heard it in my mind and my heart.The conviction that followed those experiences were real. There are some references to that in the poem. But I still have a long way to go in consistently following and acting on those promptings. I only hope that I can as Brigham Young said, "know the will of the Lord and to do it."

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