Thursday, July 1, 2010

Purify My Heart

I wrote this poem back when I was living in Jerusalem. I was watching the General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These words just seemed to flow out of me as I pondered on the messages given. Especially the message given by Elder Wirthlin entitled "The Greatest Commandment". The comment that stood out the most to me was "the measure of our love is the greatest measure of our souls". Again, the technical literary rhythm in this poem is not the greatest, but I hope you can get the feelings I was experiencing at that moment and have experienced since then. The desire to be better, I believe, is within all of us. It is an almost constant nagging feeling I have all the time. I believe that access to becoming better is through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. At least, that is the best way to go at it. Oftentimes I feel like Nephi, when he speaks of being easily beset by his sins, and his weaknesses, but my favorite word in the Psalm of Nephi is nevertheless. It is a word that leads to infinite hope. Which hope embodies the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Purify My Heart
Purify my heart- this is my prayer.
Make it holy that to heaven I may come there.
A broken heart is a simple yet sincere token.
Help me to do as Thou hast spoken.
Contrite in spirit,
This is the only way I can be healed of it.
Consume this ache and make me whole.
Help me, that to Thee may come my soul.
Charity must come
That Thy will may be done.
Sanctify me through Thy grace
That I may one day see Thy face.
Bring me closer to Thee
So in Thine arms I may be.
Purify my heart, heal my wounded soul.
Calm my cares around me, hear my plea o Lord.
I am determined to progress
and help others of Thee confess.
My life has changed,
Oh help me to those blessings obtain.
Thy understanding is eternal and complete.
Thy mercy is meet.
Thy love is unspoken yet fully felt.
Do not depart oh Lord, and tarry to be my help.
Thanks be to thee for all thy love.
Purify my heart that I may dwell with Thee above.

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